We’re Right Here.

You’re the reason we are here. Every day. Every hour. While some insurance providers spend the majority of their time expanding their base of policy holders, we spend our time taking care of the ones we already have. So when we answer the phone and say, “good morning,” we mean exactly what we say - It is good to talk to you. And what’s more, it’s even better to help you out. It’s the only reason we are here.

Consider The MultiServe Difference

Trusted Advisors

Each of our insurance advisors is not only licensed and professionally trained, but each has multiple years of real-world business experience - everything from manufacturing, development and retail to institutional commerce and professional service.

Cost Control Specialists

We are constantly in touch with most major insurance carriers and industry professionals determining ways to give you the coverage you require at lower rates. We frequently review your policies to make sure you are getting the best insurance at the best price.

Service Professionals

Our onsite service professionals provide you with all the help you need to:

  • Get pricing and quotes
  • Make fast policy changes
  • Process claims quickly
  • Answer complex questions